Many treatment options for adults are available today to help them achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Tottori has extensive knowledge with all of the available treatment options on the market and our certified and friendly staff has extensive training ensuring top quality service and exceptional results.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Braces As an Adult?

Physiological changes as we get older are inevitable and changes to teeth and jaws in adults can be frustrating. Crowded teeth can cause difficulty in brushing and flossing, resulting in possible gum disease, as well as concerns of the overall appearance of our smiles. However, with healthy teeth alignment, oral hygiene is easier, making everything about your smile better.

Are there Alternatives to Traditional Braces?

Traditional metal braces are often the go-to treatment, but there are many other ways to straighten your teeth, including lingual braces (braces behind the teeth) and clear aligners. 

Lingual Braces serve the same purpose of traditional braces but are placed behind the teeth rather than in front;  offering a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened without the braces showing. 

Clear Aligners are almost invisible, making them one of the most popular choices for adults. Clear Aligners work in the same way as braces by using a gradual force to control tooth movement, but without metal wires or brackets. The aligners are made of a strong plastic material and are customized to fit each individual. While lingual and traditional braces are attached to the teeth during treatment, some people may prefer the removable while effective solution that comes with the clear aligners.

What About Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic brackets are tooth-colored appliances that work and cost the same as traditional braces but are far less obvious. Although they have the reputation for staining, Dr. Tottori uses the highest quality brackets ensuring that they will remain tooth-colored throughout treatment. Ceramic brackets are a wonderful option for adults wanting to perfect their smile without using traditional silver braces.

Which Solution Works Fastest?

Everyone wants their smile to be perfect as fast as possible and with so many options and combinations you can be assured that Dr. Tottori will recommend the quickest option for your specific case. Treatment times vary due to the treatment required so, the best way to find out which option will be the fastest is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Tottori in either our Kapolei or Ala Moana office.

Which treatment option is best?

The best treatment option will match your very personal case. Some people prefer braces, whether they be traditional, ceramic, Incognito or InBrace because they are attached to the teeth and are always working. Others prefer aligners that give them the flexibility of eating whatever they want and easier brushing and flossing. Dr. Tottori will help you find the best option for you and your specific needs.

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Are There Side Effects of Adult Braces?

No change can be achieved without some discomfort and the same is true for creating a beautiful smile. While you can plan on teeth soreness as well as lip and gum irritation, the benefits outweigh the side effects. Dr. Tottori will explain in detail everything that you can expect during your orthodontic treatment and our skilled team will walk you through everything, giving you all the help you need on your journey.

Meet Dr. Tottori at our Kapolei or Ala Moana Offices for a complimentary orthodontic consultation.