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Reviews Steven Tottori Orthodontist Honolulu Ka[plei

A few comments and thank yous from our terrific patients

We deeply appreciate all our patients, and want to thank them all for giving us the opportunity to help them achieve their orthodontic goals.

From T.P.

Dr. Steven Tottori is a great Orthodontist!
He is an expert in his field while instilling the latest in technology.
His innovative character shows his work and the comforting care provided by his exceptional staff.
Aside from being a great Orthodontist, the benefit is the ability to schedule routine dental cleanings with the Dentists’ he shares the office with’
My family & I appreciate your expertise, care & the enhanced smile you provided us.
I will highly recommend him to all my family, friends or anyone else looking for Orthodontic Services.

From SY

I could not speak more highly of Dr. Tottori and his staff. I had only the best experience at every visit. They were very personable, knowledgeable and very professional. They treated me with the utmost care. Thank you for everything. I highly recommend anyone who needs orthodontics to Dr. Tottori’s office.

From MS

Dr. Steven Tottori is a very friendly and knowledgeable orthodontist. His staff are also outgoing and skilled at what they do. I would strongly recommend getting a consultation at Tottori’s and if you are looking at braces / Invisalign, this place is a great option to look into.

From SC

I was referred to a different orthodontist by my dentist due to an open bite and very crooked teeth. That orthodontist said Invisalign wouldn’t work for me. He recommended meaw braces (google that, you will be horrified), treatment would last about 2 years. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tottori based on reviews I read. I’m so happy I did. It’s been a year since I started Invisalign and am only a few weeks away from completing treatment. I am extremely happy with Dr. Tottori, his awesome staff and my results.

From JW

Dr. Tottori and his staff are the best. The experience was great! My son’s teeth and bite are beautiful. Thank you Dr. Tottori for all.

From KW

My daughter needed braces and we went to Dr. Tottori, he and his staff are amazing. My daughter had a horrible overbite that made it hard for her to even chew her food properly. Now she is able to chew normally and looks beautiful! I would definitely recommend Dr. Tottori to anyone looking to get orthodontic work done and he has an office conveniently located in Kapolei for people on the leeward side.

From BC

I just finished with my Invisalign and what a great experience! Dr. Tottori and all of his staff are extremely kind and talented. I could not be happier with the work they have done for me!

From AD

I first found Dr. Tottori through Honolulu Magazine’s Best Dentist list, which Dr. Tottori is for many years in a row. It’s been 15 months since I installed lingual brace “Incognito” at Dr. Tottori’s office and I am very glad I decided to have orthodontics treatment at his practice, Dr. Tottori is very experienced, knowledgable
and all the staffs are very caring. The treatment is proceeding exactly as Dr. Tottori explained at his thorough consultation and I am looking forward to the result.

From TS

Ever since I was young I had felt insecure about my crooked teeth, I have had to wait many years to get braces, but I am so glad when I finally was able to get them I came to Dr. Tottori! Not only is it convenient for those who live near Kapolei, but the environment they provide exceeds my expectations. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and it is as if they are like family there!

I decided to go with Incognito braces for my top teeth and regular braces for my bottom teeth. Dr. Tottori is one of the few orthodontist on O’ahu that participates in Incognito braces, and I highly recommend it! They have done an amazing job, and soon I can already get my Incognitos off!! (My estimated time was two years, but it has only been less than a year and a half)

Overall I am extremely pleased with not only the quality of the work that they do, but also the time and care that they put into each individual patient :) Thank you Dr. Tottori and staff!!

From CM

My family and I were traveling from Huntington Beach, CA and my son’s braces wire came loose when we checked into Aulani.

He was in a lot of pain and we were advise to go to Gentle Dental but we were running short of time and took a wrong turn.

Lucky for us, we decided to walk into this practice, Am extremely friendly receptionist asked us to have a seat while she checked if someone could do it because it was Monday and the ortho practice was closed. To our delight, a man (Dr. Tottori) walks out in shorts and t shirt and cuts the wire.

I walk to the front to pay cash and they say “don’t worry about it”!!

My son and I both look at each other as we walk away and say we would love to visit this practice once a month!! Many thanks to Dr. Tottori and his amazing front office staff!! Top notch service. Thank you for saving our vacation!!!

Thank you card to Steven tottori Orthodontist in Honolulu and Kapolei

From LM

My first time coming here the ladies made me feel so comfortable because I was so nervous to do my braces. I swear I asked them like billions of questions haha. There so sweet and really talkative just like me! Every time me and my niece come here I swear they’re so happy to see us. We’ve got very close now and I’m So thankful for them!!

From EM

My first experience on getting braces was the best, everything went as planned and better than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Tottori and his staff to anyone who will be needing braces in their future so they can come here and get the best service they’ve given me!

From YC

I've been going to Dr.Tottori for a couple years now and I've had the most amazing experiences. I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for an orthodontist.
I decided to go with the Invisalign treatment because of the convenience as well as the aesthetics of it. Dr.Tottori made sure that I understood everything I needed to know before starting and he always answered any questions I had.
My treatment went really well and I always felt comforted knowing I was in such great hands. I finished the treatment and was satisfied with the results.
However, I began to notice later on that my teeth were not as straight as I would have liked it, (it was most likely my fault for not being as diligent as I should have with my aligners). Anyways, Dr.Tottori gave me traditional braces with the clear brackets free of charge! It was so nice of him to do that for me and I'm so grateful. This is the kind of guy he is. He ALWAYS makes sure his patients are satisfied and does whatever he can to do so. I can't even begin to name all the inconveniences I've thrown his way, (it includes quite a few misplaced retainers and aligners), but he always helps me out and I'm never disappointed.
Aside from Dr.Tottori himself, the offices are very clean and all the staff are really friendly as well. I'm so glad I chose Dr.Tottori and I hope many more make the same decision I did!

Thank you to Tottori Orthodontics, orthodontist in Honolulu, and Kapolei Hawaii

From JR

I always leave here happy! The people who work here make my visits pleasant!

From TW

Dr. Tottori and his staff are absolutely terrific! My children, husband and extended family members have seen him and I am currently a patient. They are courteous, accommodating with appointment times, prices are reasonable, the office is clean, the atmosphere is inviting, and the best part is they make you feel at home … they remember your name. They were so patient while I decided which type of braces to put on, they took time to answer my questions and concerns, and they waited until my dental work was completed all the while rescheduling appointments to make it happen. I couldn’t ask for a better orthodontist! We highly recommend Dr. Tottori and his staff for your orthodontic provider!!

From LC

Dr. Tottori and his staff are exceptional! My daughter is currently a patient and we’ve had no issues with her braces. When we realized she needed braces, we weren’t pressured into getting something fancy but rather what would work for her and our budget. Dr. Tottori even tightened my old wire retainer and offered to put in a permanent retainer at a minimal cost because my teeth were shifting. All my orthodontic needs were handled on the mainland but he was willing to help! The staff is very polite and they are always willing to accommodate with appointment times. I highly recommend Dr. Tottori for your orthodontic needs!

Thank you to Steven Tottori Orthodontist in Kapolei and Honolulu

From PA

My older son got his braces removed a few months ago. He had traditional braces.  I am very happy with the results and about the whole experience.  We have a few follow up appointments left.  

If you are considering braces for your self or your child, Dr. Tottori offers a free consultation. They took an x-ray of my son's teeth, Dr. Tottori took a look at my sons teeth and then spoke about the options they offer.  

There are 2 office locations.  One in Kapolei across of Burger King.  The other office is located in Honolulu inside the Ala Moana Building.  My son primarily visited the Kapolei location because it's close to where we live.  

Dr. Tottori and his whole staff are friendly and professional.  Pam who helps at the front desk is always pleasant.  She remembers everyone's name and always has a smile on her face.  

OFFICE HOURS & Reminders
One of the reasons we decided with Dr. Tottori is that he offers late afternoon hours and is open on Saturday's, so my son didn't have to miss school.  They give you a card that has your appointment time when you make your appointment in person and there's also a text reminder.  

If another member in the family needs braces as well they will get a discounted rate.   My wife currently has braces done by Dr. Tottori.  It looks like my middle son will be needing braces. Once all of his baby teeth fall out we will be sending him to Dr. Tottori.

Thank you to Steven Tottori Orthodontist in Honolulu and kapolei

From EP

I just got my braces about a week ago.

Dr. Tottori’s facility is clean and smells fresh. The clinic’s lighting is bright which makes the mood of the clinic brighter as well. Unlike other facilities that look dim and creepy. Their equipments looks new and sterilized.

The staff are amazing and very hospitable. They seems like a big happy family working together. I like their open design of their facility because it makes communication easier and it makes the work faster. On the other hand, other clinic are somewhat dark and everything is separated which minimizes communication which results to a slower job. They are working like a well maintained machinery. They are also incredibly efficient and friendly. The clinic is small but don’t get confused about the size because they are incredible on how they do their job. I barely waited in the waiting room. I signed my paper 2-3 minutes later someone is calling my name and they started the procedure on the spot.

Trust me, I cannot overstate their hospitality. They are always smiling and laughing which is Plus plus plus on my experience. I am happy that I picked Dr. Tottori as my orthodontist. I will post another review in the middle of my procedure and after.

From JB

I went in for a consultation and I was greeted right away and the staff all knew my name, everyone was so friendly. I was shocked! I thought I was a celebrity or something the way they treated me. I even went back this past week to clarify some things since I’m getting work done soon. Although they were extremely busier than last time the people I worked with still treated me with the best service and helped me in a timely manner even tho I didn’t have a scheduled appt. it makes me feel a lot better about purchasing something from people who treat you amazing I deff recommend this place.

From JG

We were visiting from NY and our first night my daughter fell and hit her face and broke her braces. After searching online I decided to call Dr. Tottori’s office. I received a phone call first thing in the morning and they told me to come right in. The entire staff was so kind and understanding and Dr. Tottori repaired my daughters braces and made her feel comfortable. Thank you so much for making a terrible situation so much better!

From IS

Dr Tottori treats both my son and I . Everyone at the office is super friendly and kind. They have always answered all of my questions and taught me how to care for my braces and teeth. Dr. Tottori was very thorough explaining what needed to be done. We did a 3D scan of my teeth (no more yucky molds) and waited for my braces to come in and start treatment. Almost 3 months later I am noticing some changes and am smiling more and feeling confident. I decided to go with the ceramic braces and I love to keep them clean. Looking forward to having a perfect smile.

Patient Rewards Hub, Tottori Orthodonics, Honolulu, Kapolei, Hawaii
Patient Rewards Hub

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Patient Rewards Hub, Tottori Orthodonics, Honolulu, Kapolei, Hawaii
Patient Rewards Hub
It's our way of saying Thanks for being such a fantastic patient, click on the Rewards Picture above for more information
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