What is Invisalign®?

It is a clear removable orthodontic aligner system used to straighten teeth. The trays adapt precisely to your dental alignment and gradually move your teeth to an ideal arch shape, bite alignment and a beautiful smile. 

 Others will not know that you are wearing braces because the trays are almost invisible. Invisalign technology is a popular choice among people who need to keep their appearance while taking care of their smiles.

Dr. Tottori was in the first group of orthodontists in Hawaii to get certified as an Invisalign Provider.

teen Invisalign clear aligners

How do clear aligners work? 

All types of braces apply slight pressure at specific points to move teeth to desired positions. When you get clear plastic alignment trays for the first time, your orthodontist creates a digital treatments plan. In other words, we customize each tray to the patient. Your aligner set includes about 20 to 24 different trays that you will change as the months go according to your doctor suggestions. As a result, the tray will apply the right amount of pressure at the right time to move and straightening the teeth. 

How does Invisalign compared with traditional braces? 

Traditional metal braces are made with wires and brackets to straighten your teeth. They are semi-permanent attached to your teeth using a special type of tooth-friendly cement. Although your orthodontist may place them on the back of your teeth, they tend to be very noticeable and disturbing for your lifestyle. With regular braces, you can not eat healthy foods like carrot sticks that help remove plaque from your teeth. In addition, you can feel minor lesions to the soft tissues of the mouth by the wires. If you are considering Invisalign you should also know that Invisalign is less disruptive.
This treatment is perfect for both teens and adults.

What is the process to get Invisalign in Honolulu or Kapolei? 

Everyone's first step in the process of obtaining clear alignment trays begins with a comprehensive exam. We take digital images of your mouth and use them to create a 3D representation of the current alignment of your teeth. We also created a template of your smile at the end of the process. Once this first step is completed, we will send the images and measurements of your mouth to a lab where they will create the trays. Our orthodontist will check the fit of your tray and provide you with instructions on how to use it. As a general reference you will be using the trays for 22 hours a day and change them every one or two weeks. 

Are there other clear aligners options?

Invisalign is not the only clear aligner available. Check out our 3M Clarity Aligners.

Although Invisalign has been around longer, the Clarity aligner system offers a few significant advantages over Invisalign. Clarity aligners are fabricated from a slightly stiffer material and is noticably clearer than Invisalign. This results in better control of the tooth movement and a more esthetic aligner. Another major advantage is the abilty to combine Clarity aligner treatment with traditional braces or Incognito. Each type of treatment has its pros and cons, we can present the best plan to solve your orthodontic needs.

Invisalign still has the advantage in the treatment of certain specific malocclusions. Let our professional team guide you and determine the proper aligner system for your schedule a free consultation with Dr. Steven Tottori. Dr. Tottori has always been commited to researching and providing the best options available to his patients. Not just the most popular brand.